Nature inspired design is gaining a lot of popularity these recent years. Go back to nature concept have been chosen by many because it help them enjoy and relax the time they spend at home. This trend supported by one of the well-established U.S. Company, Sagan Piechota Architecture.

This architecture company based in San Francisco and has been around since 1999. In 2017 they designed 475 square meters home design that emphasize on having a house with outdoor design that will bring harmony to the environment.

The materials used to build this project mainly consist concrete, natural cedar, and weathered steel. The design also have a lot of open space as well as huge glass windows. The house consist 2 part, upper and lower level.

Upper level is where the primary living will took place, it consists bedroom, guest room, Jacuzzi, office, kitchen, and open living room to enjoy the night. The lower side of the room consist a bedroom, offices, and den. The center part of the house also consists open-plan kitchen, dining room, and living room.

This environmental residence is fully supported the sustainable way of living, which include solar roof, LED light, and so on. This natural-inspired design by Sagan Piechota Architecture is prove that both modern living and environmental friendly design.

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