Fireplace always coming handy during fall and winter season. Not only because it offer warmness to your room but also an easy yet effective decoration. This time we will tell you some of the simplest thanksgiving mantel decorating ideas that will upgrade your fireplace’s look to another level.

The mantel part of fireplace is always considered the center of home decoration during fall season. It might be a small place above your fireplace, but that’s mean all eyes will be focused on this area during cold season. If you looking for interesting thanksgiving mantel decorating ideas, here we suggest some of the very simple yet effective way.

  • Use mirror

Mirror is not only has its function, it also works as a decoration.

  • Pumpkin and candles

If you want to have a classic fall-inspired decorations, then you better add some pumpkin decoration combined with some candles.

  • Calligraphy

If you enjoy writing aesthetically, why don’t use your own calligraphy as a mantel’s decoration. You can write in textured media or canvas to make a dramatic changes.

  • Chalkboard

The fourth is using small chalkboard. Not only make you able to decorate with whatever chalk’s picture or writing you want, you also can change it easily because it’s chalk.

That 4 simple thanksgiving mantel decorating ideas that will definitely make your fireplace looks amazing.

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