Bathroom is without a doubt a very personal space alongside bedroom. You expect to able to relax and enjoy your bathing time, but relax can also mean you can actuating your personal preference as much as you want. Here we discuss why yellow and black bathroom deserve to be considered as your future bathroom design.

White, grays, khaki, and baby blue probably known for being popular bathroom’s colors. It’s obviously without a reason, because some people find those colors very calming and simple. Even so recent trend shows that shades of purples, pinks, and reds also start getting recognition. This trend then pointed out that your bathroom can be more than just a plain room for you to bath.

In the recent trend, bold colors start to gain popularity because it offers more than just good look but also a great way to expressing personal preferences. For example people can choose to have dark blue or red to show their bold personality. Another example is using a lot of pink to show up a girly personality.

Based on how the trend goes so far, we really think yellow and black bathroom will be the next trend. First of course because it offer unique look and great way to express creative personality. Both colors also can bring relaxing vibe as well as complete each other. Dark side of black and bright side of yellow will create certain balance you can’t find with other colors.

Fireplace always coming handy during fall and winter season. Not only because it offer warmness to your room but also an easy yet effective decoration. This time we will tell you some of the simplest thanksgiving mantel decorating ideas that will upgrade your fireplace’s look to another level.

The mantel part of fireplace is always considered the center of home decoration during fall season. It might be a small place above your fireplace, but that’s mean all eyes will be focused on this area during cold season. If you looking for interesting thanksgiving mantel decorating ideas, here we suggest some of the very simple yet effective way.

  • Use mirror

Mirror is not only has its function, it also works as a decoration.

  • Pumpkin and candles

If you want to have a classic fall-inspired decorations, then you better add some pumpkin decoration combined with some candles.

  • Calligraphy

If you enjoy writing aesthetically, why don’t use your own calligraphy as a mantel’s decoration. You can write in textured media or canvas to make a dramatic changes.

  • Chalkboard

The fourth is using small chalkboard. Not only make you able to decorate with whatever chalk’s picture or writing you want, you also can change it easily because it’s chalk.

That 4 simple thanksgiving mantel decorating ideas that will definitely make your fireplace looks amazing.

Do you plan to design your rustic dining room? If yes, you have to consider some of our suggestion to get the best rustic design to brighten your dining room.

Rustic design offers you more than antique look. Some people believe it also give relaxed mood, which assumed to have people enjoying their food better. It also considered giving homey and nostalgic vibes that will be great for many occasions, from family dining to small party.

As we mentioned above, rustic design comes with a lot of advantages which made it chosen by a lot of people. If you want to re-design your dining room in this style, here what we can suggest for you:

  • Add some Leather

You can add some leather accents for your furniture to add rustic vibe to them. Classic brown or cream leather chairs for example will make a huge different in the mood of your dining room. This choice will make you feel like living in the country even if you live in the city apartment.

  • Rustic floor

Second one probably need a little more extra work to install it, but it will definitely worth it.  For example you can use pine floors and your room will instantly be in rustic path of style.

  • Colorful curtains

Rustic-designed dining room won’t be complete unless you add classic-printed curtains. The curtains usually came up in a bright colors that will give an off-beat antique looks.

That are our suggestion on designing your own rustic dining room, happy decorating!

It seems like a known fact that eclectic design is not the easiest way to design your room. It sounds fun to mix different style and elements in one go. The tricky part is you can try to pull an eclectic living room style but it can fail and seems messy and chaotic instead.

This time we will give some advice to help you create your eclectic living room without a fail.

  • Marry the old and the new

First eclectic ideas is to combine styles that comes from different time frames. For example you can add a medieval table as the center of your modern white sofas. Both furnitures have a contrast in style but can complete each other.

  • Contradicting themes

Some themes can be considered contrast to another, but doesn’t mean they can’t be put together. For example you can have a simple room design, but you can add one or two luxurious-looking decorations. The simple background will emphasize the greatness of the decorations.

  • Classic prints

You can have different styles for your living room, but adding some classic prints will the easiest way to pull an eclectic design.

  • Going artsy

Last but not least, you can always experimenting with painting or culture. Even if you have a modern-styled living room, it’s never get wrong to add both classic and eccentric paintings.

Here some ideas on how to create your eclectic living room, I hope it will help you.

Whether it’s in your bedroom or bathroom, having a mirror seems like a neccesity. It’s an important aspect especially if you need to look perfect for work or personal matters. Here we like to tell you why mirrors with shelves is way better than ordinary mirror or ordinary shelves.

You can choose to own an individual mirror and individual shelves if you want, but here we got some advantages of mirrors with shelves combination that worth to be considered.

  • You have stuff to use near the mirror

It’s not unexpected at all that we have some small things that should be placed close to the mirror. For example you probably need to have your soap or skincare nearby. For men, sometimes shaving equipments should be around anytime they needed. Having a shelves right around your mirror can be the most practical way to carry all those small objects.

  • It saves space

If you have small bedroom or bathroom, having separated furniture will considered a disadvantages. The most compact the design, the better it will be for your small room. Own a combination of these two will definitely help you save some space and make your room less crowded.

Here the advantages of owning mirrors with shelves that you should consider before buying your mirror or you shelves.

Christmas is coming, do you currently looking for Christmas decoration? Then you are in there right place. This time we will tell you some simple Walmart Xmas decorations that will make your room festive-looking in an instant.

Christmas always come with ton of decorating ideas. It always fun whether you wanting to have an over the top decoration or goes with classic-looking home decor. If you looking for classic, you should rest assure because you can find some interesting decor right in your nearest supermarket.

Here some classic and affordable Walmart Xmas decorations that will exceed your expectation.

  • Great variety of Christmas tree

Christmas tree comes with a lot of advantage, it can stand alone but more often served as the home base for their decorations. There are literally a great variety of tree, such as green ones, white ones, and colorful ones which each of them comes in different size.

  • Mistletoe

Hanging the mistletoe is never felt old. It also offer some synthetic mistletoe that will be useful next year as well.

  • Colorful light

Christmas is the colorful light holiday! It always right to use light for your Christmas decoration.

  • Small holiday figure

Nothing more classic than some Christmas figure. You can add figure like Santa, Rudolf the deer, snowman, or some little elves right above your fireplace.

Here our idea on some simple Walmart Xmas decorations, are you ready to decorate?

Nature inspired design is gaining a lot of popularity these recent years. Go back to nature concept have been chosen by many because it help them enjoy and relax the time they spend at home. This trend supported by one of the well-established U.S. Company, Sagan Piechota Architecture.

This architecture company based in San Francisco and has been around since 1999. In 2017 they designed 475 square meters home design that emphasize on having a house with outdoor design that will bring harmony to the environment.

The materials used to build this project mainly consist concrete, natural cedar, and weathered steel. The design also have a lot of open space as well as huge glass windows. The house consist 2 part, upper and lower level.

Upper level is where the primary living will took place, it consists bedroom, guest room, Jacuzzi, office, kitchen, and open living room to enjoy the night. The lower side of the room consist a bedroom, offices, and den. The center part of the house also consists open-plan kitchen, dining room, and living room.

This environmental residence is fully supported the sustainable way of living, which include solar roof, LED light, and so on. This natural-inspired design by Sagan Piechota Architecture is prove that both modern living and environmental friendly design.

Table that offer more than looks is always wanted by many. One of the type of table that have been around is nesting dining table. People always find it awesome that this table can give you extra space while still looking simple.

People still impressed by how these nesting dining table can offer storage that seems like it won’t take more space. Some table’s designs also come up with more dramatic “come out of nowhere” storage.

Here some of reasons why having nesting table for your dining room will be a great option.

  • It has unique look

First of course it offers an unusual look for your dining room. It simply looks great and will boost your dining experience. It also can be combined with a lot range of chairs and still maintain its uniqueness.

  • Efficient storage

You can put a lot of stuff in the shelves or cabinets that attached to the table. You can make use of it to storage some dining ware or anything you might need urgently.

  • More than one table

It also a good idea to have more than one table in one room. This way you can find a very simple yet beautiful way to add storage to your dining room.

Here some ideas of using nesting dining table that we think will change your mind.

Looking for front yard decorating ideas? Then you are in the right place, because we are just about to tell some of the best ideas to make your front yard impressive.

If you have a chance to own a yard right in front of your home, you better not take it for granted. Since this yard is located right in front of your house, it will be the first thing that people see when they entering your home. That’s also why the impression of your front yard might influence their judgment.

Here some front yard decorating ideas to make sure it will give positive impression on others.

  • Flowery tunnel

This first idea will guarantee you a compliment from everyone. You can build a entrance tunnel that lead the way to your front door, the decorate it with both greenery and flowers. This ideas will take a lot of effort, but certainly will paid off.

  • Flower beds

The classic flower beds still proved to be one of the most popular option to decorate your yard. You can combine different species and colors of flowers, this way you have endless way to decorate using flowers.

  • Flower-lined road

You can decorate the sidewalk with flowers, this will certainly people enjoy walking through your front yard.

  • Edible decorations

The last ideas id not only offer a good look, but a tasty treat for your taste buds. You can decorate your front yard using edible fruits that can be eaten while taking a walk around.

Here some of our suggestion of front yard decorating ideas, is there anything that catch your attention?

People usually pay a lot of attention to the bathroom and kitchen when they are remodeling their house. With the right design, a simple change of cabinet can upgrade the mood and feel of these two rooms. If you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom sink cabinets modern, you might want to consider choosing a semi-custom made one. Here are the reasons why:

  • Better Upgrading Option

Always choose a semi-custom cabinet when you are about to redecorate your bathroom or kitchen. By choosing a semi-custom cabinet, you can get the exact color or model you want, the exact finish you want, and usually a perfect fit for your space.

  • Add Extra Closet

When you order a custom made bathroom sink cabinets modern, you can add extra closet for your linen towels. You can order a narrow and tall closet that will not take up your bathroom space too much.

  • Extra Flexibility

By ordering semi-custom cabinets, you can configure the bathroom however you want to use it. You will have the flexibility to design the bathroom cabinets according to the function you want.

Those are some flexibility you can have if you order a semi-custom bathroom sink cabinets modern. Now, are you ready to renovate your space?