Bathroom is without a doubt a very personal space alongside bedroom. You expect to able to relax and enjoy your bathing time, but relax can also mean you can actuating your personal preference as much as you want. Here we discuss why yellow and black bathroom deserve to be considered as your future bathroom design.

White, grays, khaki, and baby blue probably known for being popular bathroom’s colors. It’s obviously without a reason, because some people find those colors very calming and simple. Even so recent trend shows that shades of purples, pinks, and reds also start getting recognition. This trend then pointed out that your bathroom can be more than just a plain room for you to bath.

In the recent trend, bold colors start to gain popularity because it offers more than just good look but also a great way to expressing personal preferences. For example people can choose to have dark blue or red to show their bold personality. Another example is using a lot of pink to show up a girly personality.

Based on how the trend goes so far, we really think yellow and black bathroom will be the next trend. First of course because it offer unique look and great way to express creative personality. Both colors also can bring relaxing vibe as well as complete each other. Dark side of black and bright side of yellow will create certain balance you can’t find with other colors.