It seems like a known fact that eclectic design is not the easiest way to design your room. It sounds fun to mix different style and elements in one go. The tricky part is you can try to pull an eclectic living room style but it can fail and seems messy and chaotic instead.

This time we will give some advice to help you create your eclectic living room without a fail.

  • Marry the old and the new

First eclectic ideas is to combine styles that comes from different time frames. For example you can add a medieval table as the center of your modern white sofas. Both furnitures have a contrast in style but can complete each other.

  • Contradicting themes

Some themes can be considered contrast to another, but doesn’t mean they can’t be put together. For example you can have a simple room design, but you can add one or two luxurious-looking decorations. The simple background will emphasize the greatness of the decorations.

  • Classic prints

You can have different styles for your living room, but adding some classic prints will the easiest way to pull an eclectic design.

  • Going artsy

Last but not least, you can always experimenting with painting or culture. Even if you have a modern-styled living room, it’s never get wrong to add both classic and eccentric paintings.

Here some ideas on how to create your eclectic living room, I hope it will help you.