Christmas is coming, do you currently looking for Christmas decoration? Then you are in there right place. This time we will tell you some simple Walmart Xmas decorations that will make your room festive-looking in an instant.

Christmas always come with ton of decorating ideas. It always fun whether you wanting to have an over the top decoration or goes with classic-looking home decor. If you looking for classic, you should rest assure because you can find some interesting decor right in your nearest supermarket.

Here some classic and affordable Walmart Xmas decorations that will exceed your expectation.

  • Great variety of Christmas tree

Christmas tree comes with a lot of advantage, it can stand alone but more often served as the home base for their decorations. There are literally a great variety of tree, such as green ones, white ones, and colorful ones which each of them comes in different size.

  • Mistletoe

Hanging the mistletoe is never felt old. It also offer some synthetic mistletoe that will be useful next year as well.

  • Colorful light

Christmas is the colorful light holiday! It always right to use light for your Christmas decoration.

  • Small holiday figure

Nothing more classic than some Christmas figure. You can add figure like Santa, Rudolf the deer, snowman, or some little elves right above your fireplace.

Here our idea on some simple Walmart Xmas decorations, are you ready to decorate?